Rondane 2k - 2023 July 7-9.

Experience one of the toughest and most beautiful mountain marathons on the planet. 5,000 meters of altitude, 10 peaks over 2,000 meters in this fantastic national park.

Rondane 2k – 2023 July 7-9.


Mira Rai is coming, are you?

Mira Rai – one of the best mountain runners in the world is coming to participate in the festival. She will take you on running training and share her own experience.

The movie Mira


We will provide you with: We want you to be as safe as possible in the wilderness with us. We run in harsh environments, sometimes …


We live in tents in the allotted area by the lodge Rondvassbu just above Rondvatnet. We have access to all facilities such as bathroom, drying …


From your home country, the easiest way is to fly to Oslo, the capital of Norway. From Oslo you can drive, take a train or …